Education is the path to growth. Education is the ground which prepares the way for a better future. And education is being imparted in various ways. With the world becoming a global village, online education has also gained importance. Prestigious institutes have more students through their distance learning programmes. They hold special skype and video classes through the web. There are also courses which are done online. Projects need to be submitted online. Most institutes offering online courses also take exams online. Also, some study material is present online and is student-specific. Online education is an ideal ways for working professionals to gain more knowledge without having to travel long distances. They can study at their own time and will. Flexi style of education means more people gain knowledge and have access to more information.

Latest Tech Trends In Education mobile_learning

And one way of paying for this online education is Paychamp. This is a simple process where the customers pay through their mobile. Paychamp supports both browser-based billing as well as in-app purchases. This integration is done through a simple and single point integration process with a JSON based API. Integrating Paychamp is an easy process. It takes only 24 hours to start reaping the benefits of this mobile carrier billing solution.


Paychamp is a secure digital goods payment platform. It enables the user to pay for virtual goods via mobile. The user does not need a credit or a debit card. It also facilitates non-banking payments, so the customer does not need to have a bank account either. Moreover, it does not store any transactional information.


Paychamp works with post-paid as well as pre-paid connections. The amount is billed to the user’s phone bill. Paychamp is useful for in-app purchase too. All e-transactions can be made through Paychamp. visit

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Prabhat Kumar
Sr. V. P ( Enterprise Mobility)
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