Looking for a popular song, the web is the place to find all that you want to hear or see. It’s a web of musical and visual things. Most of the time, the trailers of some of the best visuals are free. Songs, be it Pop or Bollywood, are normally free downloads. But then are there are some really exclusive numbers or albums by senior artistes which are payable. In fact, new and latest numbers are payable. A lot of good music sites with a good collection are also functioning as music libraries. Old and rare songs and sometimes hymns are also payable.


A lot of sites are now offering latest films at a nominal price. In fact with piracy laws becoming stricter, the new mantra is nominal prices for most videos. And users are now also opting for movie libraries. Most sites offering Hollywood movies are paid.

As most of these goods are priced nominally, it is more hassling to take out the credit or debit card. Even net banking becomes cumbersome for small payments. This is where Paychamp helps. A hassle-free way of paying, this is a secure micro-payment gateway. This mobile carrier billing platform is the ideal digital goods solutions.


It is an easy to integrate process. For instance a consumer browses on the mobile internet and decides to make a purchase. The user selects the Paychamp logo as a payment method in the web browser or application they are using. They enter their phone number and get a text message. They need to reply to that text message. It’s as simple as that. Mobile payments are processed through the consumer’s mobile phone and the charge is added to the monthly bill, or deducted from credit on pay-as-you-go plans. There is no requirement for forms, credit/debit card info, bank account info or need for extra navigation. A single transaction takes less than 20 seconds.


Paychamp supports low transaction operator billings, anything from Rs 1 to Rs 500. The telecom operator has the right to decide the payment guidelines and policies. The merchant or developer has full control over the process and the transactions. for more details contact at sales@ paychamp.com

written by:

Prabhat Kumar
Sr. V. P ( Enterprise Mobility)
ACL Mobile Ltd.