Content is the key driver for any kind of information. Content tells us about any person, brand, product, news site, or deep subjects. The power of the word is unbeatable. You can find all the information you need with the click of the mouse. But content floats around in multiple formats and places. This digital content is found on research sites, online encyclopedias, libraries. It is in the books that one needs to download. It is uploaded as pdfs. There are also subscription-based sites. And paying for this exclusive content can be a task if there is no credit or debit card on hand. If the customer does not have a net banking facility, then also it can be a loss to the enterprise.


But there is an easy and simple payment method called Paychamp. With the integration of this secure micro-billing payment gateway, users can pay for good or services through their mobile phone bill or airtime. The customers can buy virtual goods by simply sharing their phone number. The purchase price will be reflected on the customer’s mobile bill or deducted through their prepaid airtime charges.


The process is very simple. Anyone who wants to make a transaction has to simply select the Paychamp logo as a payment method in the web browser, game or application they are using. Then they will be guided to enter their phone number. And reply to the text message that comes immediately. There is no need for extra navigation or filling in forms. In less than 20 seconds, the transaction is complete.


With this payment gateway, merchants are tapping into the untapped users. This opens the digital goods’ marketplace for more options. The result is that it will bring higher conversions as it enables digital businesses to profitably connect with more than 700 million paying mobile phone users across India. Moreover, Paychamp is a safe, secure and effective way to pay.

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written by:

Prabhat Kumar
Sr. V. P ( Enterprise Mobility)
ACL Mobile Ltd.