Gaming was something children enjoyed, but now are the days of gaming on social media sites. Adults too spend their free time playing games. The excitement of points and new challenges keep them hooked. Even the talk and gossip moves around these games. There are games sites offering a chance to play cards, bang cars, fight wars, solve puzzles, keep virtual pets, grow vegetables and more.

The gaming market saw many changes before it reached its current state of availability over play stores. Earlier, mobile games were commissioned by phone manufacturers. Later mobile operators became the distributors of games. Over a period of time, mobile aggregators and publishers acted as middlemen between operators and developers. Now games are all over the worldwide web. And games are all over PC, laptops, feature phones, smartphones, PDA, tablets, portable media players.1

Games are usually downloaded on devices through the mobile operator’s network. They can also be sent via bluetooth, memory card or side loaded onto the handset with a cable. What is interesting to know is that the first downloadable content was introduced way back in 2000. There are game developers, testers and players. There is a game for everyone. It is also a method of getting engaged users. It is one way of monetizing the online business. Facilitating this change, an easy payment gateway is Paychamp.

By integrating Paychamp, enterprises can open a new door to sell digital goods. Paychamp works for play stores, merchants, third-party stores, developers, anyone in the business of selling virtual goods.

Tablet PC with cloud of application icons

This is a secure digital goods payment platform. It enables the user to pay for virtual goods via mobile. The user does not need a credit or a debit card. It also facilitates non-banking payments, so the customer does not need to have a bank account too. Moreover, it does not store any transactional information.

Paychamp works with post-paid as well as pre-paid connections. The amount is billed to the user’s phone bill. Integrating Paychamp is also an easy process. It takes only 24 hours to start reaping the benefits of this mobile carrier billing solution.