Education for the young Indian, old Indian and time-pressed Indian—e-learning is the next big thing now. Educational institutes are now offering specific e-courses as they now cater to all the students who have access to the internet. This distance or virtual learning can happen anytime, anywhere at the person’s convenience. And there are all kinds of courses on offer on all subjects.

Experts call it instructional technology. Anything from information and communication to multi-media learning, internet-based training has become the norm. The web has many online schools and even reputed and renowned institutes are now offering students this facility. Indira Gandhi National Open University also holds lessons on skype. It offers virtual lessons.

E-learning is not limited to institutes alone. Even individuals have been using internet-based learning modules such as teaching others on skype. Foreigners are learning traditional Indian subjects with their Indian teachers via skype.Paychamp-solution

Media houses also offer their e-magazines on subscriptions. Research article-based sites also have e-subscription services or pay per article facility. Some sites even offer facility to donate for their upkeep as they impart free content.

E-learning is one of the hottest, fast-growing industries today. There’s a lot to learn. As learning has become flexible, even payment gateways have become flexible. It is easy to choose a flexible credit-based course, and it is even easier to pay for this with mobile direct carrier billing. This system enables operator billing and leaves the door open for those who are constrained for payments. With this operator billing payment gateway, you don’t need a credit or debit card or even a bank account.

Paychamp is the new non-banking payment process through which people can pay via their mobile. The payment is added to their mobile bill. This is a safe and secure gateway. Paychamp has a simple checkout process and easy integration facility for apps and sites.

Through this gateway, people can pay for access to e-library, music, videos, virtual classes, even workshops and white papers. They can even buy kindle editions of their favourite books through non-card payments via mobile.

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